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Inspectioneering’s 2023 Inspection Data Benchmarking Survey

This benchmarking survey only requires a few minutes to complete, and all eligible participants* will receive a summary report.


The overarching objective of this benchmarking survey is to understand how mechanical integrity practitioners are managing digital transformation. It will look at the present and future of mechanical integrity through the lens of three main areas: data collection, data management, and data modeling & decision-making.

At a minimum, we hope to provide you with some insights into how your peers are navigating the complex web of technologies you must use to succeed in your jobs and make our facilities safer.

Survey Details

Valid responses received on or before November 30, 2023 will be included in the final data.

*Please note: This survey is available to current employees of owner-user/operator companies. Responses by non-operators will not be included in the final results. Additionally, only submissions from company email addresses will be considered; public or ISP email addresses (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail) are not allowed.

**A note on privacy: We take your privacy very seriously. All data released in the final report will be anonymized and aggregated. Your submission is completely private and confidential. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.